Stipend Information


Residency Stipend Information

To place primary care physicians in rural/underserved practice sites (primary care is defined as: 
family medicine, pediatrics, internal medicine, internal medicine/pediatrics, 
obstetrics/gynecology, and psychiatrists). Other specialties may be considered on a case-by-case 
basis, depending upon the need in the community in which the clinician will practice. Exceptions 
may be: general surgery, hospitalist, etc.
• Provides funding while the clinician is still in training (and lasts beyond that for a total of 
three to four years, depending upon the length of the recipient’s training program).
• Approved practice sites where recipients serve their practice obligation (three to four years, 
depending upon the number of years they receive the stipend) are not limited to health professional 
shortage areas, but must be located in rural or urban underserved areas and see TennCare patients. 
Urban underserved sites must see at least 30% TennCare or uninsured patients.


Review Cycle and Award Amount
♦ Applications from first and second year residents may be submitted at any time during the year up 
to the deadline of November 1.
♦ Applications may be submitted by third or fourth year residents up to the deadline of April 30.

The Stipend Selection Committee will announce third-fourth year awards by the end of May and 
first-second year stipends will be awarded by the end of December. The recipient receives $35,000 a 
year (payments extended for three-four years after residency depending upon when the recipient 
receives the award), paid quarterly and beginning the quarter following receipt of a signed stipend 
Practice Site Selection Process
TCWD must be involved in site selection to verify site eligibility. TCWD will provide stipend 
recipients profiles of practice sites that meet the criteria of both the candidate and practice 
site and will refer them to

the site at the recipient’s request. If the recipient finds his/her own practice site, the site 
must be approved by TCWD as eligible and must be entered into the jobs database before any 
contract/agreement is signed by the recipient.
The program is competitive and number of stipends awarded will vary each year depending upon 
available funding and the number of applicants.

Contact Denise Primm ~ or 615.401.7462 for more details.