Date: 28/03/2023
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Awesome update from one of our Residency Incentive recipients

We always love getting updates from our Residency Incentive recipients- and this update from Dr. Tedder is no exception. We have extended the deadline to apply for the Residency Incentive until November 14- don't miss out on being a part of this great program and help us improve access to healthcare in Tennessee! #ourwhy

More from Dr. Tedder:

"I have officially completed a full circle! I left my small town, Harriman, TN, to go to medical school and train and now have made it back to an even smaller town Soddy Daisy, TN to practice medicine. I am now employed by Erlanger Health System and work in this small community outside Chattanooga. I am very appreciative to TCWD for assistance during my training. Financially the incentive benefit allowed me to get a jump start on paying off student loans for both my wife and myself. Additionally, the program severed as an information system for me to gain access to rural rotations and explore various job options. I love East Tennessee and I couldn’t be happier to be partnering with the community to improve healthcare in our region. I am thankful and honored to have been given the opportunity to partner with TCWD along the way."

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