Without Allied Health We All Fail

So We Bring Everyone To The Table

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You may live next door to an allied health professional. You definitely met one the last time you donated blood. Are you one?

It is estimated that there are 5 million allied health professionals in the United States, accounting for about 60% of the healthcare workforce. We need more people to choose the allied health professions and the need is increasing. We want to be the answer.

But before you can work in allied health, you need to know what it is.

Allied health is loosely defined as healthcare professionals that do not autonomously practice medicine or nursing.

Ok, like who?

Clinical lab technicians, dental hygienists, physical therapists, paramedics, speech pathologists, home health aides, histologists, you get the idea. It's a field that encompasses just about everyone in healthcare that isn't your doctor or nurse.  That's a lot of careers to choose from.

We assist with initiatives that encourage students to pursue a career in an allied health field.  We support education as a solution to workforce shortages.


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