A Nursing Shortage
Is A Health Crisis.

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There is a nursing shortage in Tennessee's hospitals and it's projected to get worse. It's a slow motion crisis that is just now reaching the critical stage. To make matters worse, the smartest people in the profession have determined that we cannot train enough nurses to meet the demand.


Educational Obstacles

  • Low numbers of faculty
  • Existing faculty approaching retirement
  • Inadequate faculty compensation compared to clinical nurses
  • No clear educational path to academia from nursing schools

Training Obstacles

  • Lack of clinical instruction sites
  • Insufficient simulation facilities

Workplace Obstacles

  • Poor work-life balance
  • Generational differences
  • Compassion fatigue

We want to help. The issues facing the profession are broad and cross-jurisdictional. No policy, government department, organization or program can tackle these problems alone. It will take the entire community.

We take a collaborative approach. Applying the principals of community impact, we work with CNOs, deans, directors, employers, students and professionals to address these challenges and remove the barriers that limit growth.

Check in with us and see how we are doing — or click to join us. We want to hear your voice, too.


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