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Cultivating the workforce in Tennessee is our mission, but that doesn't mean that we ignore our communities. Tennessee's communities are the reason we come to work every day and saving them is the passion that inspires us.

What does community mean to you?  

To us it means more than a dot on the map.  It's a town, a work place and a gathering of like-minded people.  It is a group that shares something in common whether it be geography, ideology or ethnic background. We support all of them and work to see them thrive.

We offer financial incentives to bring primary care, dental, and psychiatric healthcare professionals to the communities that need them most.

  • Our Residency Incentive entices doctors to practice in Tennessee's rural communities and urban health centers 
  • Our Practice Site Recruitment & Retention Incentive gives rural and underserved practice sites up to $50,000 to use in their recruiting efforts  

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Practice Site Incentive

Struggling to fill a primary care or dental position? Learn how our incentive can award you up to $50,000 to help recruit.

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Have a job you'd like to fill? Contact us today to discuss your opportunity and  discover our no cost service to recruit physicians for Tennessee medical facilities. 

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We are always looking for preceptors to oversee rotations for TN medical students & residents. Can you help us build the workforce of tomorrow?

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