Date: 05/06/2023
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Inspiring today's students to become tomorrow's healthcare workforce

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Pipeline. Our most long-range and ambitious mission is to increase the health workforce pipeline in Tennessee through education and experiences. We are dedicated to inspiring students and support education as the solution to workforce shortages.

We offer knowledge and participatory experiences to help students shape their decision making. We give them financial awards to encourage them as they begin college. We put particular emphasis on reaching students from rural and disadvantaged areas of Tennessee.

What can you do?

We are compelled to help. This is our pipeline. This is our future.

Our Initiatives


Introducing Tennessee middle and high school students to careers in various healthcare professions, including; medicine, nursing, behavioral health, dentistry and allied health. 


Giving financial awards to Tennessee students with a demonstrated interest in healthcare as they rise to be college freshmen.


Offering Tennessee high school students the opportunity to attend a day in a simulation lab at one of the state’s premier medical schools. 

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HOSA Advisor Student's Choice Award

Is your HOSA advisor amazing? Tell us about it and your advisor could be awarded the 2020 Student's Choice HOSA Advisor Award!

Nominate your Tennessee HOSA advisor below. We will award $2000 based upon student recommendations.

Applications must be complete by April 25, 2020

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2020 Mary Layne Van Cleave Achievement Award for HOSA Students

$2000 award open to high school seniors who are interested in pursuing a career in healthcare. Students should nominated themselves and tell us why they deserve this award!

Six additional $1000 runner up awards will be made.

To find out about the requirements, details and application, click below.

Applications must be complete by April 17, 2020

Nominate a Student 

Since 2015 we have met over 1200 Tennessee high school students and advisors from more than 60 counties. Have you met us yet?

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